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Thermogenic Lemon Lime Meta Booster (Tx)

Thermogenic Lemon Lime Meta Booster (Tx)

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Product Description :

Thermogenic products contain natural ingredients designed to boost your metabolism and ultimately, increase fat burning. Depending on the ingredients, thermogenic products work in a variety of ways. Some will increase hormone levels, such as adrenaline and dopamine, to release fat that is stored in cells and allow them to be easily used. Other ingredients enhance metabolism by keeping adrenaline in the body longer to boost the fat burning results. Thermogenic products also reduce appetite.  To learn more about Meta Fuel and thermogenic antioxidant products read this article.

Fourteen single-serving stick packs per box; 24 boxes per case.

No known allergens. Manufactured on equipment that processes soy, wheat (gluten), egg, milk, peanuts and tree nuts.